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National 1" 5 Die 5 Blow Cold Parts Former

Inventory ID:10382

One Used National 1" 5 Die 5 Blow Cold Parts Former, Serial No. 37978


Maximum Wire Cutoff Diameter: 1 ½”
Maximum Wire Length of Blank: 2”
Maximum Die Kickout: 3 ½”
Maximum Pieces Per Minute: 70
Floor Space (w x l): 10’6” x 21’3”
Main Motor: 440V/100HP
Weight: 205,000 Lbs.


Equipped with:

Powered Uncoiler
Piercing of Forming in Last Die
TKO Equipped
Sound Enclosure
Universal Transfer/Spare Nut Former Transfer
Lots of New Spare Parts
Linear Feed
Electric Panel/Allen Bradley/PLC System

Condition …Excellent Under Power, Recently Re-built

EX Works South American Plant Location

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