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National - Formax Model FX-43M 3 Die 4 Station

Inventory ID:11810

Year of Manufacture:1993

One Used National - Formax Model FX-43M 3 Die 4 Station progressive header, Built 1993 

80-240 Strokes per Minute
3 Number of Dies 
3 Number of Punches
720 kN Maximum Heading Load per Station 
800 kN Maximum Total Heading Load 
14.8mm Cutoff Diameter at 600 N/mm2 Tensile Strength 
12mm Minimum Cutoff Length 
123mm Maximum Cutoff Length 
10mm Minimum Kickout Length ( die side)
90mm Maximum Kickout Length ( die side)
20mm Minimum Length Under Head with Trim 
14mm Minimum Kickout Length  (punch)
30mm Maximum Kickout Length ( punch)
80mm Die Diameter 
92mm Distance between Centerlines of Adjacent Dies 
60mm Punch Diameter
72mm Maximum Punch Diameter for Finger Opening 

50hp 220/380 v 50hz ac motor and controls
1000 RPM Motor Revolutions per Minute ( @ 50 Hz)

Machine Width: 2.63m
Machine Length: 5.57m
Machine Height: 3.09m

Oil Tank Capacity: 150 1
Coolant Air Movement ( approx.): 5098 m3/h
Capacity of Die Coolant Oil Tank: 150 1
Machine Net Weight: 22,317 Kgs. approx.
Machine Gross Weight: 26,650 Kgs. approx.
Formapak Weight 380 Kg approx.

Machine is equipped with: 3 Formapak Units, 2 punch pak for trimming,Integrated Acoustical Sound Enclosure, Brankamp Process Monitor and Complete Electrical Control Panel,AB vari-drive,pko,motorized ko adjustment,linear feed

Located Switzerland Plant Location 

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