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Reed Model B-112 2 Die Cylindrical Thread Roller

Inventory ID:12179

Year of Manufacture:1981

One Used Reed Model B-112 2 Die Cylindrical Thread Roller, Serial No. 1792 , Year 1981

Minimum-Maximum Thread Diameter ...0-2 1/2" (In-Feed)
Maximum Thread Length...7"
Spindle Diameter...3"
Maximum Rolling Pressure 15 Tons

Special Note - This machine is not a standard B-112. It has extended spindles for in-feed only work. Reed built two of these machines for Delco Remy to roll knurls on both ends of alternator shafts.
The previous owners experienced some problems with the drive shaft spindles breaking. This problem still needs to be resolved. The machine has had extensive work done to it including rebuilding of the gear box. This machine would be best sold to a customer who has familiarity with Reed B-112's and similar cylindrical die machines so that they can identify and fix this problem.

Attachments and Accessories: Self Contained Coolant System

Electrical Motor and Controls: 5 HP Hydraulic and 10 HP Spindle Drive

Weight - 10,000 Lbs. Overall Dimensions - 5'W x 5'D x 7'T

Located - Fort Wayne, IN

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