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Jern Yao Model 30B5S Nut Parts Former

Inventory ID:12198

Year of Manufacture:1995

One Used Jern Yao Model 30B5S Nut Parts Former, Built 1995

5 Forging Station
30mm Cutoff Diameter 
15-100mm Cutoff Length 
125 (80) Kickout Length Max
32mm PKO Length Max
94 x 100mm Cutoff Quill 
125 x 210 mm Main Die Hole Diameter 
138mm Dies Pitch 
90 x 250 mm Punch Hole 
250mm Ram Stroke 
380T Forging Power
32mm Open Upset Diameter
100 Pcs. Maximum Output 

Equipped with: PKO and IFO on the Transfer 

Main Motor: 125 HP 
Weight Approximate: 75 Ton 

Located Asian Facility 


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