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Aim Mode AFE-2D6 Wire Bending Machine

Inventory ID:12480

Year of Manufacture:2008

One Used Aim Model AFE-2D6 Wire Bending Machine 
Built 2008

Wire Diameter Range: 2mm-6.4mm
Wire Diameter Range: 0.080"-0.251"
Maximum Wire Tensile at Max. Wire Diameter: 700N/mm2....(100 kPSI)

Feeder Axis #1
Wire Feed Resolution: 0.0002"
Maximum Wire feed Speed : 328' f/min

Bender Axis #2
Bender Resolution: 0.0005"
Max. Bender Speed: 1600 deg./sec.
Max. Bender Angle: +/- 200 deg.

Set Up Time 
Same Wire Diameter: 1 Minute
Change Feeder Rollers & Bending Tools: 15 Minutes

Power Consumption, Electrical and Air Requirements
Average Power Consumption (kw/h)**: 1.6
Electrical Requirement: 50/60HZ 400 Volts or 460Volts/ 3 Phase
Installed Power: 34KVA
Air Requirements: 100 PSI@ 2 SCFM

Dimensions and Weight: machine only
Width, Depth & Height: 82" x 60" x 84"
Gross Weight: 4100 Lbs.

** Power Consumption Data is Measured on Average Production 

Located Cleveland, Ohio Warehouse 



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