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Sunnen Vertical Hone Model SV-1010 Honing Machine

Inventory ID:12530

Year of Manufacture:2007

One Used Sunnen Vertical Hone Model SV-1010 Honing Machine, New 2007

High Speed Coolant Pump
Speed Spindle Range: 100-4,000 RPM
Stroke Speed Range: 40-400 SPM
Spindle Power: 7.5 HP
Stroke Travel: up to 24.8"

Feed: Computer Controller Linear with Abrasive Load Sensing Features
Stroking System Power: 10 HP 
Rigid Cast Iron Columns on a Cast Composite Base
Machine Control: Industrial PC, Windows Based 

Machine Weight: 4,750 Lbs. approximately 
Machine Floor Space: 83" x 86" x 114" Tall ( with highest range of motion of spindle )
Tank: 6' x 2' T
Filter: 2' x 2' x 2' 
460 Volts, 3 Phase 

Automatic Greasing System 
Includes Owners Manual and Electrical Schematics 

This machine was just removed from service and is in very good/ excellent condition 

Located Bridgeport, CT Warehouse 

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