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National Model 245 5 Die Forming Center

Inventory ID:12230

Year of Manufacture:1991

One Used National Model 245 5 Die Forming Center
 Built New 1991

24mm Cutoff Diameter 600N/mm2
19/170mm Min/Max Die Kick Out
12/170mm Min/Max Cutoff Length 
120 Pieces Per Minute
2500 Kn Heading Load
60mm PKO Stroke
76 x 195.5mm Punch Dims
120 x 241mm Die Dims
1693mm Wire entry height above ground

Equipped with:
COAP (ChangeOver Assistance Package) for quick tool changes

Rapid Kickout Adjustment feature on Die Kickouts.  This Option allows the kickout length to be adjusted quickly as the rapid adjust mechanism driver moves from station to station meshing with gears on the adjusting sleeve.  The air motor quickly moves each kickout sleeve.  There are hydraulic locknuts that secure the settings.

Brankamp Process Monitor
4 Feed Rolls
Sound Enclosure
Trimming Available
Bushing Cutoff
Straight Across Boltmaker Type Transfer
IFO Cam on Transfer
Trim/form last station
Motorized Feed Kickout and Wire Stop
Extra Punch Pack and Die Set,
Samjin Jeonggong Powered Uncoiler
PD Sensor
Oil Mist Collector
Parts Conveyor

55KW AC Motor and Controls 
Weight 55000 Kg
6400mm Length x 3400mm Width x 3400mm Height

Location: Ex Works Asia Factory location
Machine will remain in active production until May of 2019.

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