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Greenbat No. 8LS SDDB Long Stroke Header (26mm bolt making line with additional items)



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One Used 26mm Bolt Making Line Consisting of:

One ( used) Greenbat Type No. 8LS SDDB Long Stroke Header, Built 1973
with Bushing Cutoff 

10-26mm Diameter Range 
38-305mm Shaft Length Under Head 
350mm Cutting Length 
35 Pieces per Minute
508mm Stroke of Header Slide 
Motor Power 100HP
Flywheel Speed 370 RPM
Flywheel Dimensions: 1321mm did. x 304mm
Flywheel Weight 2 Tons 
Dimensions of the tools:
1st Punch 110 x 203mm
2nd Punch 150 x 254mm
Heading Die 170 x 355mm
Cutoff Die 79,4 x 152,4mm

One (used) Greenbat Trimming Machine Elevator Feed Type No.8, Year 1973
10-25mm Diameter Range 
305mm Shaft length Under Head 
40 Pieces per Minute 

One (used) Greenbat Flat Die Thread Rolling Machine Type No. 8, Year 1973
15-25mm Diameter Range
297mm Shaft length Under Head 
127mm Maximum Thread Length 
40 Pieces per Minute 
Motor Power 30PS

One (used) RMG Model 1416-4065-73 Pre Drawing Machine, Year 1991
with Microweld Buttwelder 

25mm Diameter Range 
960mm Clear Width 
25mm Mild Steel 
22mm High Tensile 
1300mm Casptan Diameter 
17m/min. Drawing Speed 
Output 12 to 
Motor Power 40 PS

One (used) RMG Model 2024-02 Pre Straightening Machine, Year 1995 
(very good condition) 

25mm Diameter Range 
Wire Feed m/min. Max. 17m
Weight 2000 Kg
Motor Power 2 Kw 

Located EX Works United Kingdom Factory