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1 1/4" National Model 1250 Five Die Cold Former


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Maximum Cutoff Diameter (@60Kg/mm) 33.5mm
Minimum Cutoff Length 9.5mm
Maximum Cutoff Length 240mm
Minimum Kickout Length 45mm
Maximum Kickout Length 225mm
Variable Speed Drive 65SPM
Boltmaker Type Transfer 65SPM
Combination Type Transfer 55SPM
Maximum Available Forming Load 550 Metric Tons
Maximum Available One Die Loading 280 Metric Tons
Die OD 171mm
Punch OD 114mm
Maximum Bull Nose Punch Diameter 162mm
Punch Bolster Adjustable Amount 3.2mm
Timed Punch Knock Out 64mm
Die Center Distance 190.5mm
Motor 92 Kw

Equipped With

Transfer Specifications:
a) Boltmaker type transfer
51mm Max. Clearable Blank Diameter
162mm Max. Cldearable Bull Nose Punch Diameter

b) Combination Transfer
32mm Max. Rotatable Blank Length
127mm Max. Transferable Length (straight across)
86mm Max. Clearable Punch Diameter

720 Kgs. Die Block Assembly Including 5 Dies
680 Kgs. Punch Bolster Plate Including 5 Punches
13 kgs. Feed Roll Weight each
Equipped with a large capacity Wire Payoff Turntable and Inline Wire Straightener.

105.5 Tons Machine weight including Sound Enclosure. Weight without enclosure is 100 Tons.
Floor Space: width is 3.619 meters, length is 8.426 meters, 
height is 3.34 meters

This was the last 1250 Cold Former National made prior to the FORMAX FX86.  There are many option on this machine that you will not see on other Parts Formers like:

Total Punch and Die Block removal for change over
Motorized Adjustments for Die Kickout
Two types of transfer including Straight across and turn around Transfer (similar to Universal Transfer)

Extra transfer Camshaft
Extra Punch Bolster Unit
Extra Die Block
Extra Transfer Fixture
Pre-Straightener  Unit (Big)
Wire Payoff system with Adjustable Height Feature that goes up and down as coil is feeding into the machine
Finished Parts Conveyor
Punch Block Holder for Punch Bolster
Timed PKO all stations Top Driven
Trimming capability
6 new in box Punch Wedges Plus a big Rack of additional replacement parts
Power is 440 volts, 60 Hz has a Allen-Bradley Voltage Inverter for Infinite Speed Control


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