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National Formax Model FXP57S Warm Former 7 Die Semi Hot Former built 2017



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Maximum Cutoff Diameter T>300 Deg. C 22mm
Maximum Cutoff Diameter <300 Deg. C 17mm
Bar Diameter 14-22mm
Tonnage 2000 Kn
Maximum Tonnage per Station 1260 Kn
Heating Temp 750-1000 C
Number of Dies 7
Maximum Part Diameter 42mm
Maximum Feed Length 67mm
Minimum Feed Length 4,5mm
Maximum Die Kickout 75mm
Minimum Die Kickout 4
Maximum TKO 18-48
Die Diameter 90mm
Maximum Bullnose Die Diameter 115mm
Die Length 210mm
Tool Diameter 80mm
Maximum Bullnose Tool Diameter 80mm
Tool Length 210mm
Die Centers 116mm
Heading Slide Stroke 150mm
Speed (PPM) 175
Motor 55 Kw
Dimensions 3440mm W x 6700mm L x 3100mm H
Net Weight 43,500 Kg
Gross Weight 55,800 Kg

Equipped With

Machine Features:

  • Alternate Blow Feed Capability 
  • Cutoff Blank Control 
  • Precision Zero-Clearance heading Slide Guiding System 
  • Quick Change FORMAPAK System, Including: Die Block, Cutter and Quill Park, Tool Pak, PMP Transfer Slide and Transfer Finger Opening and Closing Camshaft.
  • PMP Transfer w/ Hydraulic Clamping 
  • Free Standing Operator Panel w/ Advanced FORMATROL PC Controls 
  • Computerized Adjustment of Feed and Die Kickout Length 
  • Adjustable Timed Kickouts in all Stations 
  • Air Clutch and Spring Set Brake 
  • Electrical Equipment w Frequency Controlled AC Drive 
  • Machine Lube System w Dual Filters
  • Specialized High Volume Die Coolant System w Filters and Flow Monitors as Specified
  • Safety Systems for Machine and Operator 
  • Free Standing Sound Enclosure
  • Special Color 
  • Siemens S7-1500 PLC w/ ProfiNet I/O
  • Documentation in English and German 
  • eWon Remote Diagnosis System 
  • Exhaust Blower
  • (2) FormaPaks including: Die Block, IFO Camshaft, Cutterpak, Toolpak and Transfer Slide
  • Formapak Setup Fixture 
  • Jib Crane 
  • Spare Part Package

Integrated Induction Heating System up 1000 Deg. C
  • Pre Heat Induction Coil: Ambrell, EKOHeat 375/10
  • Final Heat Induction Coil: Ambrell, EKOHeat 75/25 HD
  • Individual Power System for Each Coil
  • Induction Coils Adequately Isolated and Sealed 
  • 265 Kw/32 Deg.C Chiller
  • 50Kw/37 Deg. C Heat Exchanger for Tool Cooling Chiller for Machine Cooling Circuit 
  • 50Kw/37 Deg. C Heat Exchanger for Tool Cooling Chiller for Internal Cooling Machine 
  • Closed loop Water Cooling Circuit for Machine Components
  • Specialized Cutoff System ( lowered wireline)
  • Automatic Blank Drop 
  • 3x Pyrometer 
  • Modified Sound Enclosure and Guards
  • Integrated Electric

Bar Feeder 
  • Servo Controlled Feeding System 
  • Automatically Adjusted Stock Gage System w/ Piezo Short Feed Sensor
  • Automatic Retraction Bar when Machine Stops
  • Automatic Pull Back After Each Feed Stroke (~1mm)
  • Bar End Detection System 

Specialized Discharge System 
  • Slug Discharge @ 4th Die 
  • Discharge Inner Ring @ 5th Die 
  • Discharge Outer Ring @ 7th Die or at Outboard Transfer Position 
  • Automatic Sorter Gate ( diverts good parts to scrap)
  • Method to Conveniently Obtain Sample Parts ( inner and outer races)
Specialized Water Based Coolant System 
  • High Volume System 
  • Flow Monitors on Specific Lube Lines 
  • Containment of Coolant 
  • External Reservoir 
  • Water/Oil Separator 
  • Coolant Heat Exchanger
  • Paint Free Die Are 

  • Specialized Die Space 
  • Special Reduced Finger opening IFO Camshaft (42mm Grip Diameter)
  • Various Electrical Specials 
Bar Magazine Rack 

Maximum Charge Weight: 3.0 to
Bar Diameters: 14 to 22mm
Bar Length: 6000mm
Bar Material: Steel

Pneumatic Supply: 6 Bar
Air Consumption: <20I/min.
Electrical Supply: 3~,400V, 50Hz
Voltage: 24V DC

W x H x L
Belt Through: 600 x 2000 x 6500 mm
Separation System: 1300 x 1800 x 8500 mm

Ambient Conditions
Humidity: Max. 90%
Temperature: 0-50 Deg. C 

Noise Levels
Noise Level of the Machine: <82dB(A)
Colliding Bars: Max. 84 44dB(A)

  • Conveyed Material: a) Outer rings, b) inner rings, c) slugs
  • Dimensions: a) D26/20 bis D42/34 x 9-15mm, b) D15/9 bis D30/20 x 9-15mm, c) D10-20 x 3-5mm thick 
  • Feed Rate: Each 175 St/Min Outer Rings 600 kg/h, Inner Rings 350 kg/h, Slugs 1,080 kg/h
  • Weights: a) 18-138 gr b) 8078 gr c) 3-12 gr
  • Press Trimming: 175 Strokes/Min
  • Material: Steel 100 Cr6
  • Temperature: Up to Max. 1,000 Deg. C
  • Part Feed: Customer Supplied Feed Chute 
  • Part Removal/ Discharge: in Henson Containers 1,050 x 950 x 650mm

Load Monitoring Schwer & Kopka
  • Control PC Sk800
  • 15" Touch Screen 
  • Pressload Monitoring in Each Station
  • Frame Load Monitoring 
  • 16 Analog Input Channels 
  • 5 Digital Input/Output Channels