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VORONEZH 6300T Model KB8048 Forging Press Line



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Main Press 6,300T Press Specifications
Drive Type Indirect
Slide/ Ram Stroke 10mm
Shut Height, Ram @ BDC 1,350mm
Number of Strokes, Min Continuous Model (SPM) 11,40
Maximum Permissible Working Stroke 460mm
Wedge Adjustment 10mm
Bed Dimensions ( L to R x F to B) 2,100 x 1,950mm
Ram Dimensions ( L to R x F to B) 1,900 x 1,680mm
Upper Ejector Type Mechanical
Upper Ejector Capacity 120 Kn
Upper Ejector Stroke 30mm
Bottom Ejector Type Mechanical
Bottom Ejector Capacity 500 Kn
Bottom Ejector Stroke 20mm
Dimensions ( WxDxH) 7,970 x 5,760mm
Electrics Main Drive Motor 320 Kw
Motor RPM 750
Equipment In Line Consists of: Voronezh 630T Trim Press Model K9538:
Year 1977
Shut Height, Ram @ BDC 750mm
Number of Strokes, Min Continuous Model (SPM) 25
Maximum Permissible Working Stroke 400mm
Bolster Plate to Ram Adjustable 180mm
Bed Dimensions ( L to R x F to B) 1250x1250mm
Dimensions of Press (W x D x H) 3650x3680x6370mm
Main Motor Drive 56 Kw
Total Weight of Press 630T 57,500 Kg
Equipment In Line Consists of: Induction Billet Heater 2250 Kw: Make Radyne Newelco Model A057
Year 2005
Capacity 2250 Kw
Frequency 1 KHz
Pulse 12
Power Output 2x660V, 3Phase , 50Hz
Supply System Conveyor Pusher
Coil Set Rank 80-120mm
Working Billet Temperature (*C) 1,250
Coil Empty System Automatic Coil Emptying
Billet Temperature Control 3 Ways Accept/Reject
PLC Model ALB-SCL-503
Display HDMI Panel Control
Infared Pryrometer (Min to Max) (*C) 600/1600