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50mm Sakamura Model BP-590SSL Long Stroke Parts Former



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Forging Stations Five (does not include cutting/pressure processes)
Open Upset Diameter 80mm (tensile strength=less than 65 kg/mm2)
Bolt Shank 50mm-345mm (390mm when using material with black skin)
Transfer Length 450mm
PFA (blank length) 20mm-85mm
Forging Pressure 1,000,000 kgf (#3,#4 each 650,000 kgf)
Maximum Cutoff 50mm (tensile strength =less than 50kg/mm2)
Cutoff Length 50mm-450mm
Knife Dimensions 140mm x 5mmL
Quill Dimensions 135mm x 160mmL
Punch Dimensions 160mm x 365mmL (with carburized bushing) (pin lock type)
Die Dimensions 230mm x 550mmL (pin lock type)
Die Inner Diameter 252mm
PKO Amount 140mm
KO Amount 480mm* (spacer: if 50mmL, 150-480mm ; if 150mmL, 50-380mm
Production Rate 40 Pcs. / minute (fixed by pulley)
Main Motor Capacity 250 Kw (6p,480v, totally enclosed fan)
Ram Stroke 600mm
Machine Weight 240,000 Kg
Electric (main motor) 350KVA<480V>
Air Capacity 6.0L/jog
Air Pressure over 4.5KG/cm2
Lubricant Capacity 800L
Coolant Capacity 900L
EQUIPPED WITH: see below Sakamura Model MWR-120 Wire Straightener with Coil Drum
Equipment Weight 10,000Kg
Compatible Wire Diameter 30mm-50mm
Coil Inner Diameter 970mm-1200mm
Coil Outer Diameter 1500mm (max.)
Loading Weight 3000Kg
Main Drum Length 2300mm
Feed Speed 6m/min
Main Motor Capacity 1.5Kw (4p)
Straightener Roll Adjustment Hydraulic and Thread Adjustment
Wire Cutting Method Hydraulic Cutter( with pole)
Material Stopper Vertical and Horizontal Stoppers (items to check : horizontal stopper strength/weight)
Pinch Roll Fixing Method Presently needs countermeasures ( fixer bolt comes loose)