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1 7/8" National Model 1875 Five Die Cold Former


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Maximum Diameter Capacity 1 7/8"
Maximum Kickout Length 12"
Maximum Slug Feed Length 12"
Minimum Kickout Length 3"
Maximum TKO Lever Stroke 3 1/8"
Pieces per Minute 45

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Note - Machine is currently set up for a Max. Die Kickout of 3".  To get it back to 12" Kickout will require the purchase of 5 Die Kickout Rods and 5 Die Kickout Cams. Approximate cost from National is $75,000 - $100,000 for these parts.
For standard coil feeding,the machine will require a feed box and cutoff from National.
Machine has a straight across transfer that can be lifted and turned to allow easy line up of centerline as well as easy change of transfer fingers and arms.  There is also a spare transfer set up fixture, spare transfer and spare wedges.  Hydraulic lift on transfer

Machine was set up for Warm Forming but is now currently set up for Cold Forming.  Machine can be changed back to Warm Forming with the proper parts and adding of a Induction Heating Unit.  
Located  Nagoya Japan plant

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