SACMA Group Ingramatic

Thread Rolling Machines

Started in 1966, Ingramatic has since produced and distributed over 3000 thread rolling machines worldwide with many years of experience, becoming a market leader not only in Italy but around the world.

Ingramatic became a part of the SACMA Group since 2004, complementing the SACMA production range with its Thread Rollers and products that can be used along with progressive headers for the thread rolling of highstrength screws, bolts and special fasteners.

Ingramatic products represent unrivaled reliability, productivity, safety and innovation, offering complete production systems.

In collaboration with SACMA, Ingramatic is the only threader manufacturer that builds its machines using the modular system concept.
The thread rolling machines have been designed to incorporate accessories including:

  • single washer assembly units
  • double washer assembly units
  • pointing units
  • feeding systems for stud bolts and special headless screws
  • knurling devices for special works on the screw shank or head.

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Micro Threaders

The smallest threader inspired by the I-Thread concept, the Micro threaders, #00/#000 die sizes is available for the high-speed production of very precise miniature screws. The machine is equipped with the latest technologies available as an innovative tool holder, an introduction system driven by a torque motor for a ultra-precise introduction of the miniature blanks into the dies. The most innovative feature is the slide body running on linear guides (with ball circulation skates) in order to ensure a very high accuracy for the rolling operation allowing the production of the parts with an extreme precision and reliability. The drive transmission of the RP020 is made by an innovative double helical drive belt connecting the Brushless main motor with an absolute master encoder. This new type of drive with double helical belt favors higher torque and precision.

The machine is equipped with the same advanced functions of the Ingramatic I-Thread machines, like for example, the self-learning adjustments of the starter unit. The introducer stroke can be adjusted by the operator panel or by means of the electronic handwheel, so technicians don’t need to make any manual adjustment with service wrenches, ensuring speed and accuracy of measure change. To guaranty durability and precision, the frame is made of spheroidal cast iron and the SC-Matic interface ensure the management of the motorized adjustments.

The Micro Threader is equipped with an innovative sound proof enclosure making the machine nice and modern for the new generation factory Industry 4.0.

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Single Starter Unit Threaders

The new thread rolling machine equipped with a single starter unit are available from #1015 to #20 size to run fasteners for any kind of industry. The threaders can thread roll self-tapping screw, automotive parts, heat-treated parts and special profiles. The most important features of the machines are the starter unit driven by a Direct Drive motor and the bed frame which is made of pearlitic spheroidal cast iron including the contrast block making the machine the precise thread roller. The new drive unit is powered by a high-precision planetary gearbox with clutch brake which is unique for this machine size. This new type of drive with epicyclical reduction gear provides a cascade reduction ratio of the gear and favors higher torque and precision to run hardened parts. The feeding rails and the vibratory feeder have the motorization of the height positioning to facilitate the adjustment according the length of the parts. The machine comes with a vibratory feeder as standard feeding system included in the sound proof enclosure.

The most innovative feature is the brand new starter unit. The control of the introduction system is obtained by a torque motor. The motion of the introducing slide is realized by means of a linear movement on a guide. The introducer stroke can be adjusted by the operator panel or by means of the electronic handwheel avoiding any manual adjustment with service wrenches, ensuring speed and accuracy of measure change. The quality is manage by mean of a rejection gate to reject parts when the load monitor detect deviations allowing the production of perfect parts.

The modular system permits to install the machine with washer assembly units R1 or R2 and to integrate a station to feed head less parts automatically with a control of the orientation of the blank by video camera and a station to flip the parts in case of wrong orientation before the introduction into the starter unit.

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Double Starter Unit Threaders

The new Double Starter Threaders are furnished with the patented double starter unit driven by servomotors and the revolutionary self-learning adjustments of the starter fingers. The machine is extremely rigid and robust thanks to its brand new exclusive designs and reinforced bed frame. Starting from the #30 to #70, Ingramatic installs a system of hydrostatic slide liners optimized for a high load capacity providing significant damping of the rolling load from automotive bolts threaded after heat treatment, special profiles rolling, and parts rolled from exotic materials. Pressurized lubrication is fed to special bronze liners through a distributor to allow the hydrostatic pockets to create an oil film, equally distributing the rolling load and the absorption of the high forces generated during the rolling of the part between the dies. There are two solutions to feed blanks into the feeding rails with a V-Group consisting in a vibratory feeder unit connected to the threader for blanks up to 140mm under head or a vertical elevator with a vibrating hopper for longer parts up to 440mm to load smoothly and quickly the threader.

The Thread rollers issued with Double Starter Units are equipped with the “M-Group” which it provides the motorization of the drive unit and slide body position for quick and accurate control of the die match. All the adjustments are stored for each parts and can be recall to proceed with the automatic set up of the machine.

The machines can feature a washer assembly unit with quick change over and up sized for the assembly of very large washers. As per all the Ingramatic threaders, the machine is equipped with a rejection gate to reject parts when the load monitor detect deviations.

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Warm Threaders

To compliment the Sacma warm former line, Ingramatic features the Warm Forming Threaders. Combining the heavy duty design and features of the revolutionary I-Thread, the WF provides a significant increase in thread quality, productivity and efficiency by rolling all shapes of bolts, screws, and parts made of materials difficult to roll, such as Waspaloy ®, Titanium alloy, A286 and Inconel ®. The machine features include dedicated feeding rails for the installation of an induction coil with an exclusive design, a generator, a chiller, a high frequency inverter box, an optical pyrometer, and a cooled stationary die holder. A set of selectors manages the parts through the induction coil to ensure the parts are consistently rolled at the correct temperature. The repeatability of the heating is assured by using a longer induction coil compare what it is existing on the market with the home made solution or a rollers adapted with a heating unit. As per Sacma headers, the induction coil design allows the system to warm wide range of materials with only one induction coil. Consequently, this Warm Forming roller provides quick changeover making it ideal for the small lot sizes in the Aerospace fastener market.

The machine is equipped with a rejection gate to reject parts when the load monitor detect deviations or the optical pyrometer read a blank not at the right temperature. This device allows to insure an absolute production quality.

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